Jacques “JackedUp” Sparrow;

His story starts in Amsterdam in the 80’s and 90’s and involves everything that era was known for. 

Personally affected by the good, the bad and the ugly Amsterdam had to offer, Jacques started to develop a love-hate relation with the triple X. Which made him not want to leave his hometown, yet be very critical of it.

Thus, with the limited resources available, he created an app that would connect people in a different way. This became an award winning app but unfortunately failed financially.

So, back in limbo and still loaded with ambiguous experiences and influences, he gradually transformed all that energy in that what you see before you.

His goal with his (current) works is to portray Amsterdam. The city that is not only filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, but also with strong people and strong women specifically.
His works depict these women: women who (survive) live in all kinds of creative ways in this harsh city.
They see color in a desolate situation, or they perish under the grey-white masses.
Women he knows from his life and from the lives of others.

You might’ve seen some of his works hanging in and around Amsterdam, which are left behind as a tribute to his beloved city. He also has some works in countries like Spain, France, Belgium, Austria and U.S.A.


Cheers, Blessings & Good Vibes🥃.