Welcome to Jacques’Pot🍯A mixed bag of a lot of exciting and experimental things.

So, what is it about? Well, it’s a page where I’ll be dropping a selection of art pieces based on my mood, availability and other factors.

A selling platform that co-exists with the main web store but has different art pieces, rules and guidelines!

Rules and guidelines;

1. These pieces can NOT be found on the main web store!

2. They will not be priced, it’ll be up to you to decide what price you are willing to pay for a particular piece, which can be either accepted or declined. You can mail your bid and referred piece to info@JackedUpSparrow.com.

3. All pieces are 1-of-1, signed and (will be) lacquer stamped.

4. Shipping worldwide with Track & Trace (+€5,75 – €29,30,-).

5. Colors may slightly vary on screen.

So, there you have it. A Jacques’Pot🍯. A supercharged experiment to the otherwise traditional art market. A Joker to my Jacques, as you will.

Cheers, Blessings and Good Vibes.

JackedUp “Jacques” Sparrow.

Acrylics・Oilpastels・A3・300g/m2 paper
Acrylics・Oilpastels・A3・300g/m2 paper
Acrylics・A3・130g/m2 paper
Acrylics・Watercolors・A4・130g/m2 paper
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